Project Experience

Blue Planet Power LLC and its founder have been involved in various projects within the marine and energy technology industries over the years. A short summary of the more recent assignments follows.


  • INTERIM CEO - Spent 10 months to restructure a solar power development company thereby improving its processes, developing a pipeline of projects, and transfering technology to Spain for utility-scale projects under development there.

  • MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS SUPPORT – Evaluated a marine market segment for a large private bank on Wall Street. Developed an approach to the target. Assisted the bank by personally approaching principals of the target firms regarding a liquidation transaction.  Introduced interested principals to principals of the bank. Supported ongoing due diligence of the targets.

  • CEO COACH – Advisor to the president and founder of this energy services firm. Advised him regarding partnering arrangements with other firms, marketing, web site, and a business plan. Ongoing coaching as requested.

  • ORGANIZATIONAL ASSESSMENT & TEACHING– Provided an organizational assessment of the materials management department of a large US utility, which had been constructed from various acquisitions of other utilities. Assisted further with procurement training.

  • MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS STRATEGY ADVISOR – Provided Mergers and Acquisitions strategy and execution advisory to the VP/General Manager of a large marine defense contractor. Provided marketing and new product launch advisory to the GM for commercial marine application.

  • CEO COACH – Hired by the board of a technology company to provide coaching to the CEO. Assisted with organization assessment and interviewing, product planning, new product launch, quality program, and personal mentoring.

  • TECHNOLOGY COMPANY INVESTMENT – Provided due diligence support and fatal flaw analysis on a proposed technology company investment (ethanol production). Reviewed documentation developed by others and determined that there were some key flaws in the original assumptions. Recommended changes to the proposed investment term sheet.

  • INTERIM CEO – Spent 18 months to take a $600M + company through a transition when the President had to be released on short notice. Integrated an acquisition which had been poorly executed. Rationalized the organization. Grew the service business significantly. Developed business planning processes.